Regional Practice

Our intense regional activity was developed many years ago, rendering global assistance to our clients (through our network of correspondents), from Mexico to Argentina, which in general translates into a higher operative and cost efficiency.

Today our regional practice is extremely important due to the time and cost-saving to the client represented by having only one interlocutor for several jurisdictions, which reduces clerical work (such as for instance, the grant of only one power of attorney in our favor, issuance of only one bill), and above all it allows us to render comprehensive advice and coordinate precisely every regional diligence.

Because they are territorial rights, that ought to be protected in each country of interest, the strategic planning and an effective handling of the portfolios have become essential, for it inures directly in benefits and the avoidance of trouble.

We advise our clients regarding the most suitable forms of protection, according to the different laws and treaties in force in the matter.

We have full capacity for performing “due diligences” on regional portfolios, coordinately, rapidly and at very competitive costs.

Regionally speaking, we cover not only the registration of trademarks, patents or domain names, but also the registration of license agreements, the filing of statements of use, the recordal of trademarks at customs, the registration of certificates at the Public Health offices; i.e. the coordination and handling of the entire registration diligences supporting a present or future business practice.

Contactos: Dra. Florencia Crea , Pablo Schmukler