Public Health

We are specialized in the procedures necessary to achieve the registration of products, their trademarks, designs and patents at the national Authorities competent for the commercialization of medicine, food, cosmetics and medical technology.

We provide our clients integral advise on the surveillance and protection of products registered with Administrative Entities.

We perform market analysis, legal due diligence of registrations, their validity and conditions of sale and commercialization, verifying their compliance with the national, regional and international standards of good manufacturing, commercialization, distribution and storage of products.

We register foreign-origin specialty medications for their commercialization at the domestic market and from the domestic market abroad, and obtain the permits necessary for the free commercialization of the medicines in the different provinces and the entire national territory.

We render comprehensive legal advice on the regulatory framework applicable to the industry, the different legislative news that may arise,
the applicable administrative procedures, as well as the procedures and diligences necessary for the approval of the products; preparation of tags, labels, prospects, control methods, preparation, essays, among others; and validity of the Records.

Contact: Mariano Monserrat